Simplifying Post Acute Care Transitions

At TransCuro we understand that finding optimal transitional care providers can be daunting.
We are making it easy.

TransCuro decreases hospital readmission rates

by using a risk reduction algorithm that provides patients with the resources
necessary to more easily follow through in securing the proper care.

Streamlined Discharges

By simplifying the post-acute care process, TransCuro helps to streamline hospital discharge by locating care providers that meet specific patient needs.

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Proven Results

Hospital staff can improve a patient's transition-of-care process with TransCuro's objective list of providers that satisfy patient needs, based on diagnosis, location, quality care ratings, and insurance acceptance.

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Patient Support

Patients and their families leave the hospital well-supported and feel a sense of relief because they are able to see a qualified listing of care providers unique to their care needs.

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